Retirement Planning – introduction

Your generation faces a very different retirement situation requiring a very different retirement planning strategy.

You can expect to live longer while receiving fewer pension and Social Security benefits during retirement. You will likely need more retirement savings to support a longer, more active and healthier lifestyle than previous generations.

There are a lot more people retiring on a daily basis putting new constraints on the government and social benefits meaning that you would need to have a better strategy for your own healthier lifestyle,

Perhaps there is no other time in history where retirement planning has been such a great concern to so many people.

How much money do you need?
How do you invest it?
How much can you afford to spend?
What are you going to do with all the time?

Achieving your retirement goals doesn’t happen automatically: you must make it happen, educate yourself so that you know how to do it right the first time – because you never get a second chance at retirement planning.

With the right information, proper planning and commitment, the retirement security you desire can be yours.

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